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B & D Electric Service was organized in 1961 as a partnership and incorporated in the State of Indiana in 1971 as B & D Electric, Inc. We have been a member of the National Electrical Contractors Association since 1972, and we are a signatory of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers(IBEW) Local 16 of Evansville, Indiana. Currently we have 5 foreman with many years of experience, and  also have available, through IBEW, a pool of qualified Journeyman Wireman with up-to-date knowledge and training.

Through our 55 years of existence, we have gained experience in various types of contruction. We are able to provide service for any type of commercial and industrial contruction. We have worked on many area school projects. We have installed a 138KV Substation for the City of Washington, Indiana, and we have been an on-base electrical contractor at Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane, Indiana for over 50 years.

B & D Electric, Inc. has never failed to complete a contract and has never been in litigation in respect to work performed. B & D Electric, Inc. is classified as a Small Business Concern because of our size and gross sales. In order to hold our overhead to a minimum, we depend on our suppliers for engineering and technical support.

Our Drug and Alcohol Program and Health and Safety Program are coordinated with IBEW and NECA. Our employees are tested periodically for illegal drups and substances. The policy includes probable cause testing for drup/alcohol impairment on the jobsite. Our Health and Safety Program is based on OSHA standards for the contruction industry. We require all of our employees to comply with these regulations as well as those company rules formulated for the health and safety of employees.

Industrial and Commercial Electrical Contracting